Saturday, May 23, 2009

Why YOU Should Go To My Church...hear me out on this one.

Well, I could give you a list of things that make my church better than others, but most of those reasons would be very subjective.

I first want to share a quote:
"All too often what passes for Christianity is not true Christianity at all. It is an impostor. And the sad thing is that most people don't know the difference."J. David Hoke

What comes to mind when you hear these words?
How do they make you feel?
Born Again,
Sunday School,
..... you get the picture.

My church takes you away from stereotypes.
Come as you are.
God meets you there.
If you're not sure about God, it's ok, no one will force you to do anything you don't feel comfortable doing.
If you have questions, we're here to guide you to your answer.
If you're seeking to fulfill an emptiness, you just might find it.
If you want to remain anonymous and just take it all in, that's ok too. Many of us have been in your shoes.
If you have baggage and don't think anyone could possibly understand...come, you just might be surprised.
Been to church before?
Had a bad experience? It's not like that here.
Like great music? Ours is great and always something new.
Like creativity, drama, art, dance? We do that.
Want to hear someone talk about a topic that's relevant to your life? You'll get that too.

It's REAL here,
REAL people,
facing REAL issues,

in a REAL way.

So this is my invitation to you....
Come as you are.... no dress code, no fake smiles, no pretenses.
Powhatan Community Church
meeting at Powhatan High School on Judes Ferry Rd.
Services at 9:30am and 11am

See you there?????

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

There's something that God has really pressed upon my heart this week. Something that until recently, never occurred to me.

For many years, I served in a number of capacities at my former church. I'm a self starter, I like to start new things, lead teams in places they have never gone before, or places they feared to go.

I was drawn to new ideas, new ministries that I thought God would LOVE to see in my former church. There was a need, there seemed to be interest.

I started a Parish Nurse Ministry... "God please bless this ministry"

Women's Bible Study... "God please bless this ministry"

Visual Arts Ministry... "God please bless this ministry"

Coffee House Ministry... "God please bless this ministry"

Mercy Ministry... "God please bless this ministry"

Blah, Blah, Blah................

So you may ask, "Were they successful?"
The answer would be, "Sometimes".
Yes, we did reach people, we held a successful Healthfair that reach the many refugees that lived in the neighborhood next to our church. The Women's bible study started with 15 women and last I heard there were 50 or more that come to it each week. Coffee House, Visual Arts, I'm not sure ..... BUT, did I feel fulfilled? like I was doing the work of God, was the Holy Spirit ALIVE in what I was doing? I'm not sure.

When I left there and came to Powhatan Community Church, I started to think of things that God would want... for 3 years I thought about it.

Then God spoke to me:

"Believe me: I am in my Father and my Father is in me. If you can't believe that, believe what you see—these works. The person who trusts me will not only do what I'm doing but even greater things, because I, on my way to the Father, am giving you the same work to do that I've been doing. You can count on it. From now on, whatever you request along the lines of who I am and what I am doing, I'll do it. That's how the Father will be seen for who he is in the Son. I mean it. Whatever you request in this way, I'll do. (John 14:11-14 The Message)

DUHHHHH. When I started to pray like this:
"God, please show me where you want me to use the gifts that you gave me. Show me how I can glorify YOUR name. I'm wide open to anything. Here I am God, here I am..."
AMAZING things started to happen. God became ALIVE in me. He led me down a path that I continue to take each day. I don't always know where we are going, he often takes me to places that are somewhat uncomfortable. Doing things that I never thought I could do, places where I HAVE TO trust him, and that's not easy for a former control freak like me.

I just have to say, what an awesome ride it's been... I highly recommend it!

I challenge you to ask yourself these questions:

Is there something that I'm asking God to bless in my life?
Have I asked God to show me what He is already blessing?
Have I said, "Here I am, God, use me in what you are doing right now!"

Friday, May 1, 2009

Reaching Hearts of People Far Away

This summer, a group of youth along with adult leaders will be going to Macedonia on a mission trip. My daughter Jessi is one of the people going. For a very long time, Jessi had talked about helping other people, especially people that live in less fortunate environments who are far from Christ. As I have watched her grow into a young adult, it is evident to me where God has gifted her... the gift of mercy, kindness and encouragement. Her gifts along with the gifts that each member of the Macedonia Team has, will definitely impact this country. What a great package God is preparing for the Roma people!!

Jessi wrote a letter describing her passion for what God is doing through her, here it is:

Dear Friends and Family,

Just recently, and after much prayer, I have finally figured out where I want to go and what I want to do with my life. That is missionary work.  I want to reach the lonely, the heart broken, and the unwanted and tell them the unfailing love of Jesus Christ.

            This summer I have the opportunity to go on my first mission trip. I, along with other members from my church, will be heading to the Republic of Macedonia. While there we will be working with the Roma people.  The Roma live in poverty and many collect plastic and trash for their only source of income.  Women in Macedonia have no rights. Once engaged a Roma woman is at the mercy of her in-laws and she is basically made a slave. She is forced to do housework and other various things until her in-laws find it fit to let her go.  I have had the opportunity to see pictures of the beautiful Roma children. We will also be reaching out to them during our trip; playing with them and also teaching them simple Christian values.  During our time we will also spread the name of Jesus Christ.

            God has impressed this trip upon my heart. I want to go and spread the life of Christ because it is the good news of Jesus that has greatly changed my own life.  I want to tell the Roma women that they have worth in Christ, tell the Roma children that they are forgiven through Christ, and tell the Roma men that they have been created in the image of a loving Savior.

            I am in the process of raising money through various fundraising activities. I am also continuing to ask for donations. It really isn’t about the money; I believe truly that God will provide for me. Any support whether it is through prayer or donations is a true blessing.

                                    All For His Glory,


In the next 4 weeks, this team is avidly trying to raise money. If you find it in your heart to support this team, please contact me via email: