Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Time for Change

Time for Change

One year ago I wrote this post and never hit the "publish" button, not sure why, but maybe I was afraid of what might happen if I put this out there and then didn't change, didn't move forward. Well, looking back, I realize this post was a spring board for change:

On February 14, 2014 I wrote:

Many things have changed over the past year. 

My life is currently in a state of major change, and it's stressful and uncertain.  

The change is a necessary change, but not a popular change among those involved. 

This change is humbling, and wrought with a sense of failure and regret, along with a sense of freshness and excitement of better times ahead. 

There is sadness and relief. 
There is nervousness and anxiety.
There is peace and calm.
There is exhaustion and renewal.

There are feelings of isolation and feelings of being trapped.
There is an overwhelming feeling of hope that the right decision has been made, and that the other person gets it, understands what's happening, is not living in denial.

The movement of going forward is what propels me to go on, on to the new life that this change is bringing. 

Change creates a fire beneath us. 

When one person changes, it makes others around you change. 

It's dynamic, there is movement. 

You must move. 

You choose the direction.

And walk in it.