Monday, September 14, 2009

Why A Tree???

At Powhatan Community Church, we are always doing new and different things. A few Sundays ago we did a live painting on stage as part of the worship experience. It not something that many people have seen, using painting as a form of worship.

What does it mean to worship God through painting?

Think of it like you think of worshiping God through music. Whether on stage leading, or in your seat singing and clapping your hands, you are showing God your love and that pleases Him immensely! Worshiping God through visual arts is the same thing, whether on stage, to the side of the stage, in your seat, or in your own home, .... it's just an Artist bearing their heart to show God how much they love Him.

And really, anyone can worship Him this way. If you're passionate about creating.....try worship God through visual arts.... painting, sculpting, drawing, or any kind of visual expression. It's a very powerful way to worship our Creator.

So, why a tree??? Colossians 3:1-17
Listen to this:

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