Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Vacation Time!

My vacation started yesterday. My last day of work, now three days to pack and we're off. Looking so forward to the beach, family, food, relaxation, fun, food, sun, ocean, shopping, oh and did I say food?

Every year we head to the beach for our week vacation. We go with my mom, sisters, and nieces. It's become our family tradition to go to the Outer Banks, and this will be our 13th year! My job at the beach is to cook for everyone. I have been named Top Chef, with my sister Christy being my Sous Chef, and my Mom and the kids filling in as Line and Prep Cooks. My sister Di is on clean up duty, and she's fine with  that. Any one who knows me knows that my life revolves around food. I think most Italians revolve their lives around food. Someone gets married, we eat. Someone dies, we eat. Someone has a baby, we eat. Holidays... eat. Friends coming over... eat. Sad... eat. Happy... eat. Mad... eat. Am I forgetting anything? well, just eat.

There is something very sacred about the beach. It was my peace of mind as I was growing up. We spent every summer in Ocean City, MD. We had a beach house in Fenwick Island and I have so many happy memories of family, the beach, our boat, crabbing on the bay, and all of our summer friends that we grew up with.

I'm looking forward to the peace, tranquility and inspiration that the beach brings. 

Now it's time to do the dreaded packing :(

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