Thursday, February 3, 2011

Time to Think....

I have been knee deep in work and school these last few months. I decided after 18 years in the health care industry to return to school....
Have I lost my mind? 
Wife, Mother to 4, full -time NICU nurse, of course I've lost my mind, but it was gone long before I returned to school.

 I often look at my "high functioning" friends. They are "high functioning" because these women balance many things and succeed. These are the leaders, the mentors, the innovators in my industry. It's awesome to be part of a profession that allows women, especially mothers to excel. I have to laugh at how we do it sometimes. I often have the choice to call into a meeting from home. This is great because it keeps me home with my kids, and I am able to participate in important meetings. 

Let me pause for a moment:
 Have you ever tried to have a professional conference call with screaming kids in the background? 
I have to do the double barricade technique.... I lock the bedroom door and then lock myself into the bathroom located in the bedroom. This normal works, it takes them a little while to figure out where I am and then a little longer to bust down the doors.

At times I hear alarming sounds and have to check on them. It's a lot like going into battle, here's the plan:
First step: MUTE THE PHONE
Second step: ENTER BATTLE ZONE (watch for flying debris)
Fourth Step: AVOID (questions like: "When is dinner, we're HUNGRY!")
Fifth Step: RETURN TO BARRICADE (hope no one follows and you can pick up on the conversation at hand with the "grown ups" at work, oh, and add something intelligent to the conversation).

Amidst the chaos 
is a common goal of providing care to human beings in a compassionate, loving way. 
That's why we do what we do. 
We sacrifice, we give. 
We're role models to our families and friends. 
We better ourselves with education and training.

That's why I'm a nurse.
That's why I'm going back to school, so I can be the best nurse that I can be.

Me & some of my "high functioning" nurse friends

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  1. You are doing all things through Christ, who strengthens you! Rock on, Angie!