Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Procrastination you are NOT my Friend

I hate the one bad habit that I have (hahahaha, "one" bad habit, wink, wink ;)....


I'm not sure why I do it. I have to say, I work really well under pressure and typically I still get things done. I even get good grades on papers that I stay up til 1am writing. However, it's not healthy to procrastinate. It is healthy to not stress over getting things done prematurely. I think I really need to list the reasons why I procrastinate so I have something to go back to:

1) I think part of it has to do with ADD.......squirrel! I get distracted easily. My motto is "as long as everything is accomplished during the day, it doesn't matter how it got accomplished".

2) I enjoy the adrenaline rush of doing things at the last minute.

3) I can live in denial and have fun in the moment, well, until the final hour comes and then I have to get down to business.

4) I have an over packed calendar. Most of which is unavoidable with running kids from place to place and just being a Mom. 

5) I don't remeber what day it is, then I realize that it's actually Monday and I have a paper due by 2am!

6) I have good intentions but then unexpected things happen that require my attention.

Ok, so they are all just a list of excuses.
And occassionally it is just an EPIC FAIL on my part.
Procrastination is not my friend.
We must part ways.
We're divorcing as of today.

Say a little prayer as I start to research my next paper that is due NEXT Monday. Thanks.

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