Monday, January 25, 2010


Just a thought.....

So many people make resolutions to change at the beginning of the year and as the earth warms up and the promise of spring is seen in small glimpses on warm January days. But what we fail to ask ourselves is why are we changing?

The true litmus test of change is this.... are you changing for yourself or for other people?

"If your wife and kids were no longer in your life, would you go back to using drugs?"

"If your boyfriend breaks up with you, do you keep going to counseling?"

"If your wife divorces you anyway, do you click back on that porn site?"

"If your.....(you fill in the blank)."

Yes, accountability is good, and sometimes it takes circumstances brought on by events in our lives to get us moving.

But when the dust settles, what do you do?

Are you really trying to be more like Jesus, or are you just saving face,
appeasing the world and those around you?

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  1. It's funny how our situations only get more complex when we don't live for Jesus. I think this saving facing business has quite a bit to do with it.