Monday, May 17, 2010

Your Husband is NOT Jesus.

I'm sure you're thinking in your head, "You got that right!" along with a long list of his faults.

But that's not what I mean. We all have a long list of faults.

What I am talking about is having expectations that he be perfect.

I think that our little human hearts just expect too much from other human beings. We chase the emptiness, we chase it in our marriages, in our friendships, even in our children. We want that empty hole in our hearts to be filled by someone. We expect the other person to rescue us and take away our pain and solve all of our problems.


We must somehow remember what it was like to be Adam and Eve, before the downfall of mankind, before the apple incident. I think God wants it to be like that so we crave him. The problem is, we are short sighted and we only see what's right in front of us, which are other fallible human beings just like us... searching.

Searching for comfort and safety and self fulfillment. We're so needy and self-centered. We create so much conflict because of our deep seated desire for those things.

Why is the divorce rate over 50%? Maybe it has something to do with our expectations, and our unconscious selfishness. What happens when we don't get our needs met?

We demand.
We argue.
We get angry.
We build walls.
We stop listening.
We become more self centered.
We crawl away and lick our wounds.

What if we stopped,
stopped the vicious cycle.

Stopped putting so much pressure on the other person.

What if we just accepted them for who they are?
What if we just treated them like they were a normal person who sometimes screws up?
A person who wasn't there to fix you, or solve your life's problems.
Maybe our husbands are just there to go through life with us, so we're not alone in this world.

What if we tried to get closer to God, you know, like read the bible, pray, talk to other like minded individuals?

God isn't going to solve all of our problems either, but it sure is sweet to have Him on your side, reminding you that someday, you will be made perfect, in Heaven.

Maybe, God just wants us to let him love us.
Maybe focussing on Him would take the focus off of them (our husbands).
Maybe it would free us to love others without expectations.

I dare you to try..

Oh, and BTW men, your Wife is not Jesus either.

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  1. I dig this. Really do. Ok I love it. Expectations are always a double edged sword and like you said no one, NO ONE, is perfect and flaw free. When we focus on the things someone hasn't for us your right, self-pity, self-importance, and grandiosity take precedence. Not what God intended... Right on Angie, right on. : )