Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My 90 Day Challenge

 My 90 day challenge..... Part One

Well let me start from the beginning.....

I'm somewhat of a healthy food freak. I loooooovvveee reading about and learning about ways to get and stay healthy.

I've read books on
     the Paleo Diet,
            the Primal Blueprint,
                 the Maker's Diet,
                     the Blood Type Diet,
                         South Beach,
                              Jillian Michaels,
                                   Dr. Bob,
                                        etc., etc., etc.

I have a good handle on what to eat and how to eat to be healthy. I start most mornings with a breakfast shake or smoothy. I'm always trying different brands to see what tastes and works best. Most days I mix up my own concoction.

So one day, I'm sitting at home and my friend calls me up and tells me about a shake that she just tried. She's a breakfast shake kinda person too. She said I just had to try it.

So I did.

And it was really good.

Hence began my journey with ViSalus. The fastest growing health challenge in North America.

Stay tuned for Part Two tomorrow.

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