Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Re-occuring Dream

I've had a few dreams in my life that have repeated themselves. When I was young, I used to dream that I was flying in my Nanny's car.She had a Turquoise Ford Falcon, and I remember riding in the back seat. I used to sit on the hump, yeah, we didn't wear seat belts back then. Nanny had cut the seat belts out of her car because they bothered her.

In my dream, we would fly down the street like a space saucer that George Jetson drove. I remember the big oak trees that lined the street she lived on... on Marianna Drive.

From the time I was a young adult, I have had another sort of re-occurring dream about flying. This one is always at the beach. I'm in a car, and the beach is always different
Sometimes, there are huge waves.
Sometimes, the water is calm.
Sometimes, there are cliffs.
Sometimes, it's like the bay, very shallow.
Other times, the water can't be seen, even though it's there far off in the distance.
I only drive by, I never stop to play, I am always looking for something or someone.... it's a very unsettled feeling that I have in my dream. I want to go in the water, and enjoy the sunshine, but I can't stop looking for what is lost....

As I was reading my old journal from several years ago, I found the beginning of a poem that I had started to write.... "The Places in My Dreams"
At my house by the sea,
there you sit on the beach,
waiting for me to come......

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  1. I seriously want to pick apart your poetry book, for some good ole ghostwriting.. Shhhhh noone's suppose to know that. Your name will be in the credits though.

    ..... ;)