Thursday, February 25, 2010

Being a Nurse

What God has shown me through being a Nurse:

1) It's not about me. Most nurses put their patient's needs above their own. We don't get lunch hours or bathroom breaks. We don't get to sit down for our "2, fifteen minute breaks" that our employers give us, or leave the building, or go outside for a walk. If something happens when you are trying to eat lunch, go to the bathroom, or just sit down for 2 minutes.... you are expected to run. There is a huge responsibility that goes along with our role as a Nurse.

2) There are so many hurting people in this world. The people that Nurses come in contact with each day, are hurting.. both physically and emotionally. Hospitalization is traumatic... even in a good situation like having a baby. So many people come in to the hospital already hurting from situations and circumstances in their personal lives. Compound those problems with the trauma of being hospitalized and you get people that are hurting.

3) Compassion is the number one motivator for Love. Yes, we get burned out. Yes, we get negative. Yes, we complain at times. Yes, we wonder why we do what we do , but the bottom line is... when it all hits the fan, Nurses feel deeply for the people we take care of. We cry, we hurt, we fight for justice, we love our patients. Love is at the heart of what every Nurse does. Show me a Nurse without love and I'll show you a Nurse who needs to find another profession.

4) Our ministry is what we do. For a long time, I felt that I needed to start some ministry for God. My job as a nurse was just a job, a way to make money. I used to say "How can I make the most amount of money in the least amount of time, so I can go do things for God? ", and being a Nurse allowed me to do that. What I failed to realize was that being a Nurse WAS doing something for God. My ministry is in my work and in the person God made me to be.

My mission field is everywhere around me. I have stopped compartmentalizing God.
When I touch my patient, I touch them with the hand of God.
When I speak to my patient, I speak with the voice of God.
When I help my co-worker, I show them the love of God.
You get the picture....
He's in everything I do.

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  1. Angie, beautiful post. Such a privilege to witness how God is working through you these days.

    Love you...